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….you at war with yourself. It’s time to become a warrior for yourself!

You want a coach who personally understands, one who had overcome emotional eating. I so deeply know the battle and the pain from my own eating disorders. Most importantly, I now accept, live, and experience my freedom, peace, and joy every day! Hence, I long for that breakthrough and “break-from” to happen for you too!

I’m a fierce champion for you achieving your goals beyond what you believe is possible, including freedom from food obsession/addiction, and joyfully living in your body. You are not alone; I will be with you as you discover and experience your Freedom Walk.

Working together through the challenges, you will break through the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual barriers that are keeping you in a negative pattern with food; and bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment for your highest good.

Oh yes, you can do this!

Freedom Walk is an intensive, comprehensive program designed for women leaders who feel trapped and powerless over food to discover and experience their Freedom Walk daily. If you are willing and ready to break free from this battle, believe in yourself, become the person God created you to be, and fully live as you desire, then let’s start together!

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More About Freedom Walk

Are you experiencing fulfillment in your life the way you desire? Are you living the life you dream of and are created to enjoy? Or are you obsessed with food? And is the compulsion to binge increasingly defeating you physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

If you identify with any of the following….

• Self-Sabotage That Comes Through Emotional Eating/Binging

• Feel Powerless Around Food

• Tried “Everything” But Eating Is Still Out of Control

• Have a Destructive Self-Talk Especially After a Binge

• Feel Shame Regarding Your Eating Behavior and Body

• Feel Alone in Your Struggle

• Feel Frustrated and Tired of the Negative, Repeated Cycle, But Don’t Know What or How to Change It

• Yearn for a Fulfilling Life and to Be Free From the Bondage of Your Emotional Eating/Food Addiction

• Desire to Accept, Live, and Experience Freedom from Food Issues/Addictions (ALEFFA)


  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Developing the Leader Within You
  • 15 Laws of Growth
  • Intentional Living
  • Becoming a Person of Influence
  • Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn
  • How to Be a Real Success
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
  • Put Your Dreams to the Test
  • Leadership Gold


Monique Panet-Swanson, Certified Life Coach

EMPUREXE in Utah is committed to your personal and professional growth. Through my life coaching and leadership development program, I will help you create and implement plans so you can achieve your goals and start living a more rewarding life. For your inspiration, read stories of how lives were changed as told by some of my satisfied clients.

Monique Panet-Swanson, Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching

Do you have a burning inner desire to be more and achieve more, but something is stopping your growth and progress?

Too many people give up on their dreams, goals, and desires.

They settle for mediocrity at best, play it safe, and never unleash their talents or reach their full potential.

However, I believe you have a unique gift that only you can bring and share with the world.

EMPUREXE provides an avenue to empower your excellence and pursue your dreams. Choose to intentionally create your life that matters and makes a difference.

Get started by contacting me today for a complimentary session.

I offer individual and group life coaching services, leadership development, and coaching to change your relationship with food.

My Focus: Your Vision for Your Life

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Monique Panet-Swanson, CPCC


Phone: 702-591-5934

Email: [email protected] 

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Whether you need help overcoming negative thoughts and behaviors or achieving your leadership goals, give EMPUREXE a call. We will work together on developing and implementing self-improvement plans so you can make the most of your life. What are you waiting for? Schedule a session with me now or send me a message should you have any inquiries. I look forward to walking with you on your personal journey!

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